Local Orders


1. On Returns and Refunds


(a) Kindly note that our items are generally non-returnable and non-exchangeable.


(b) If you would like to appeal for an exchange for valid reasons (i.e. misfit of apparels), it entails a minimum charge of $7.80 to cover delivery expenses.


(c) If you find any defects that alters the function of the product (i.e. missing/torn pages of a book, missing parts of an educational tool, missing buttons, spoilt zipper):

(i) We will offer an exchange of the defective item to same item, subject to availability, without delivery charges.

(ii) If the item is not available, a full refund of the price when purchased without delivery charges will be given upon returning the item.

(iii) If our customer decides to keep the defective item, refunds are only applicable at 20% of the price when purchased without delivery charges.

(d) We will not provide refunds for minor imperfections of products (i.e. minor marks on books, apparels, boxes/casings or any other product due to machinery during production).

(e) Appeals of refunds and exchanges would only be entertained 24 hours from the arrival of the parcel.

(f) There is no warranty provided for all electronic goods sold (i.e. cot mobile, Quran/Zikir Pillow, watches etc.). 

(g) We do not accept any cancellation of orders, each order placed is considered final.

(h) Do note that there will be no refunds, returns, exchanges for any item on sale.

2. On Delivery

(a) We will not be responsible for extra delivery charges incurred should there be any mistake in the address listed.

(b) We will not be responsible for any delay in shipment due to the possible shortfall of third-party courier services for orders under the standard delivery option.

(c) The standard delivery duration of 3 to 5 business days does not include weekends.


3. On Preorders

(a) Items listed as "Preorder" generally takes 1 to 2 weeks to be fulfilled. Do note that there may be unexpected delays.

(b) Items ordered with "Preorder items" will be delivered together. You may contact us if you would like them delivered separately, with an additional delivery fee.

4. Gift Bags

(a) Do take note that there is a possibility that the gift bags may arrive slightly crushed or irregular during transit.

(b) Each order is entitled to a maximum number of 2 complementary gift bags. Should the items be unable to fit, they will be delivered in regular bags. Should a customer require more, he/she may purchase additional gift bags.


(c) In any occasion that the gift bags have runned out due to overwhelming demand, orders will be sent in regular bags or polymailers and refunds for purchased gift bags will be given.

(d) Complementary gift bags only applies to regular sized items. Should any item be large and bulky, they will not be delivered in gift bags. However, one may opt for gift wrap with additional charges.

(e) Complementary gift bags will only be given to local customers.

4. Products

(a) Do take note that there may be minor discrepancies in the measurement listed under descriptions.

(b) Due to lighting and limitations of photography, there might be a slight difference in the actual colour of product.

International Orders

(a) We are not responsible for any tax incurred by your country. Please be familiar with your country's tax rate before placing an order.

(b) For international orders, our items are strictly non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

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